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Brilliant Vanity Top Design Made Just For RADIANCE™ Showers...

"We can just pick up a vanity top at the hardware store..."  

This phrase is a sad trend - homeowners are often willing to buy the shower area from a specialist like you, but are unenthusiastic about vanity top options and will pick up cheap imported marble from a home center.  However, our design is special enough that it can't be replaced so easily - your customer will want to buy this gorgeous vanity top to complete their RADIANCE™ themed bathroom.

Impressive Design

Our vanity tops never obey "standard" features like our competitors - a 3/4" deck with a roundover edge doesn't entice customers, and we don't blame them.  Our "standard" is most people's "the works". 

  • A full 1 1/2" thick, our edge is wavy but not overdone.  It has a flair, but also works with a minimalist decor. 

  • All bowls are KOHLER® undermount porcelain.  Market trends clearly show they're what's hot and capable of exciting more customers and creating a bigger sale. This is NOT the state of the industry for typical cultured marble/onyx one piece combo top-and-bowl style.

  • Non-Porous.

  • We have ONE style, and this is it.  You will never need to juggle an index various edge treatments and a plethora of options.  We keep the offering very simple to prevent procrastination and headaches, but unique and beautiful enough that it will be all you need.

Stand Apart.  While colors will vary, the bowl style, thickness, and edge treatment you see here are the most common in the industry.  These features have no place in our catalog.  They probably shouldn't be in yours either.  Home centers and large retailers obey different market rules than small specialty businesses like you, and can get away with bland products as shown here.  But you must stand apart, and everything in the RADIANCE™ theme will equip you to do that.

Bowl Style

KOHLER® bowls are commonly available in white, biscuit, or almond.  While various sizes are available, we keep things REALLY easy.  On your order form, you simply say "Oval" or "Rectangle" and the rest will take care of itself.  

Oval Bowls

These famously popular bowls by Kohler® bring out the best in RADIANCE™ materials.  Their timeless look pairs with our sparkly and deep colors.

Rectangle Bowls

A flagship bowl from Kohler®, this rectangular style has surpassed the popularity of most oval shaped bowls in the bathroom because of its modern look.  

Get the RADIANCE™ advantage!  It's unique style dominates other gelcoated products like cultured marble and onyx.  Stand apart!
RADIANCE™ Vanity Top Care Guide (click to enlarge)

A single page durable care guide is included with each job so your customer remembers the quality of your jobs, can present it to friends, and understands the easiest cleaning methods that take advantage of the renewability. You should not be hassled with time consuming calls for cleaning questions by concerned customers.

Specs for Kohler bowls
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