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The New Age Surfaces shower base is an extremely versatile, highly customizable, and easily marketable upgrade that can maximize the value of any shower remodel and make life easier on the jobsite.

 It will enable you to: 

  • Fulfill almost any custom job with odd dimensions or drain locations.

  • Overcome jobsite obstacles in the field, potentially avoiding headache jobs.

  • Capture the senior market (aging-in-place) due to its much-enhanced slip resistance when compared with other shower floors, and the feeling of safety that it provides these prospects. 

  • Provide a higher-tier flooring option due to its multifactorial quality advantages over shower base peers.

Our base integrates perfectly if you remodel with acrylic and like-kind wall systems: The perception of quality on this base clearly exceeds that of popular thermoformed plastic or veneer printed bases - the ideal upsell opportunity. When your prospects hold our sample kit in their hands, we think they'll agree immediately.  This base is not foam-backed - we use the highest quality materials.  Have them knock on it, it's rock solid! 


Our mission is to make your remodels instantly recognizable as premium quality, and stand apart from showerpans made of cultured marble and onyx.

The impression our base imparts can become central to the quality of your finished jobs and will help you build the security and reputation your business deserves. Let us walk you through each tangible advantage you can put to use in your remodels, then scroll down to view a gallery of example showers below.

Our shower base has been installed in tens of thousands of homes, hotels, and universities nationwide, and has been making installers lives easier for over 20 years.

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custom shower floor
custom shower floor
custom shower pan


Incredibly Customizable
Almost Any Size Or Drain Location

Back in 2001, New Age Surfaces was founded specifically to address the problem of finding quality bases in non-standard sizes.  While times have changed, we are at heart a custom fabrication company.

Our limits are much greater than most custom providers, with our massive size range up to 114" x 88".  Even our thresholds have huge dimensional flexibility in height, width, and shape: You can handle almost any job with New Age Surfaces at your side. We can help you meet Universal Plumbing Code standards on difficult jobs.

 Our team has helped many remodelers like you build successful jobs like these (see slideshow):

We make shower seats & benches too!



Angle cuts, odd

  sizes, and a wide

    range of drain


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Optionally Trim On The Jobsite

 Our bases are intended to be installed as-is; no need for field modifications.  However... 

This base is highly customizable in the field should you decide.  For uncertain jobs, many remodelers have ordered sizes an inch or two larger than they need in anticipation of trimming to fit.  This base is solid all the way through, so you can cut it down anywhere, any shape, as much as you need.

This feature has the potential to stop an on-the-job headache because of an uncooperative measurement.  Perfect for high-stress shower remodels.  Cutting requires no fancy fabrication on your part - you need only a carbide toothed blade.  You don't need to be an artist to put it together after cutting; solid surface seaming adhesive is provided for a quick and leak free answer to assembly.  The final installed part will meet UPC code.

Watch this install video to learn how the base is cut and assembled hassle-free!


Make Customers Feel Safer with Amazing Slip Resistance!

Many bathroom remodelers receive a majority of business coming from boomers who are conscious of their ability to age gracefully at home.  The bathroom is the most common room in the house to be injured, and falling is the most common reason.  Since the bathroom is often the flashpoint for assisted living, safety is the most important feature of the shower floor.   We believe this shower base is among the most slip resistant on the market.  Our floors are 3rd party tested and exceed the .42 Dynamic Coefficient of Friction test score required for strict building code compliance in commercial or residential use. 

Importantly, this feature is immediately and impressively communicated to your customer when they hold the sample in hand.  If you're at the sales table and the homeowner has a positive response to the concept of safety, just have them feel our sample!

We have not found a shower base that gives the same level of grip - the surefooted stability - in the acrylic, cultured marble and onyx, or stone industries.




50% OFF

Don't wait until you're in a time crunch to satisfy a hard job!  Get equipped with your samples today!

 Quick Sell Sheet

Summarizes Benefits

Solid Surface Color Swatches

Best in class quality surface

Shower Base Sample

Durable, convincing texture

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Quality Sales Presentation

You'll need the ability to communicate the virtues of this base to your customer in a convincing manner. 


We've created this short 3-minute video that you can play on a tablet at the closing table, along with other resources we can supply you with like our digital walkthrough brochure.  Take a moment to preview this video now! When you become a customer, we'll give you access to an extensive library of finished photos so you're always equipped.  You're free to adapt these images into your own marketing materials if you choose.

You can play this for your customer during in-home sale.

Don't forget to view in Full Screen!


Perfect For


Bath Remodelers


We work hand-in-hand with acrylic shower space customers to satisfy any "gaps" in their abilities!  Our shower base has evolved side-by-side with the acrylic "One-Day Bath" industry.  It's available in solid colors which have been chosen specifically to coordinate well with colors from the dominant provider of acrylic one-day bathroom remodels.  Our colors go well with your colors!

We'll show you how to satisfy either custom situations where acrylic alone isn't ideal - or use this base as your primary when addressing the aging-in-place market.

When you call, we'll equip you with a versatile shower floor sample and sales kit so you're ready for any job!

Click to enlarge a few examples of acrylic systems using New Age Surfaces Shower Bases

... we premade all the tile strips too (see more below) 

You'll love our shower floors!

New Age Surfaces quality is relied on nationwide at universities, fine homes, and luxury hotels.
For over 20 years we've earned a reputation for doing whatever it takes to keep remodelers satisfied.

Easy Clean

Non-porous, won't harbor stains and bacteria


American materials,
American skilled labor


Meets or exceeds all Universal Plumbing Code ANSI requirements


Decades later, 10's of thousands of installations in the US and Canada


Corian fabricated solid surface thresholds and accessory parts


Long standing member of the International Surface Fabricators Association.

Finishing Touches.

Your Shower Floor is Fabricated with a Solid Surface Threshold.  

We Use This Solid Surface To Create Other Fantastic Bathroom Surfaces.

Terrano 1_tiny.jpg

Add beauty and value to your home remodel with gorgeous veined granites - they never need sealing or maintenance!  Guaranteed to impress, our renewable vanity tops can be easily kept in like-new condition for years and years

  • Amazing value and longevity!

  • Beauty of stone without maintenance.

  • Kohler Vanity Top Bowls

  • Highly customizable

  • 8 Fancy Colors + 4 Solid Colors.

"New Age Surfaces is committed to fabricating only the highest quality bathroom surfaces right here in the USA.  We make everything like it's for our own family."


Distinguished Vanity Tops

Durable, scratch resistant matte finish.

  See a gallery of colors below  


 Beautiful, Durable Surfaces Anywhere...  

Inside your sample kit are solid surface swatches (Corian and other premium quality brands) with a renewable matte finish that can be used to replace any surface in the bathroom.  You'll find it incredibly durable and versatile (see our restoration demo video).  We can make any shape or size you could want.  

We really do want this kit to equip you with everything you need to overcome custom bathroom jobs!

View Restoration demo!

Limitless Applications!

  • Window sills

  • Half wall caps

  • Tub decks

  • Any other flat surface!

   Large Build-out Bench   


   Half wall caps   

   Tub Deck   

The Best Shower Seats

This original design can become your go-to option for fast-installing, cost-saving, beautiful seats.  Please take a moment to invest in your business and let us show you what you gain by switching to New Age Surfaces shower seats.  Crafted from thick high-quality solid surface used in expensive luxurious kitchen countertops, our handmade seats and benches are undeniably more modernized than most other seating options. 

  • Usually less expensive than other lower quality seats!

  • They're built like a tank - they will look new for life.  It will not take damage like acrylic, and if scratches or wear ever do accumulate, it's very easy to restore to like-new condition for the home-owner with zero experience or training. 

  • They don't look institutional like many metal seats - these have a modern solid surface design.

Shower Floor Gallery

Design features:

  • No perimeter like a traditional showerpan, but the walls come all the way to the floor itself rather than resting on a shelf.

  • Water flanges/dams are hidden behind the walls (browse gallery on right to see)

  • Modern minimalist look.  It looks "clean" because of the uniformity; no drain channels, no perimeter lip.

  • Does not strike you as "plastic", as would a glossy thermoformed acrylic.  This base and threshold are matte finish. 

  • Does not show damage easily.  It does however, clean easily.

Optional Tile Is Prefabricated And Can Ship With Your Shower Floor