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Are you looking for a total remodeling system that gives your business an unprecedented advantage?  To offer your customers a remodeling solution that will differentiate you from your competitor, help you build a reputation of distinction, and practically sell itself?  We're here to give you just that!  We manufacture showers, vanity tops, and decorative bathroom surfaces in a new breakthrough material called RADIANCE™.  We pair this with our other original coordinating items to create a remodeling system that will breathe life into your offering, excite your potential customers, and help you seal the deal at closing time.  We've thought of everything - all the design subtleties that make the entire line a complete theme, yet totally distinguishable from the rest of the bathroom remodeling world.

Please take a moment to consider what we can do for you...  

You can't build a killer business selling the same thing as everyone else, and it's so hard to get something new and exciting!  It's a copy-cat market out there! … But everything New Age Surfaces provides you with has a unique, durable marketing advantage.  We will make you stand apart!  We can give you these original remodeling materials and set you up with a turn-key digital sales tool, which together, can do great things for your business!




We manufacture walls systems, vanity tops, and more in our unique collection of 21 RADIANCE™ colors .  When you hold samples in your hand, you'll realize they're much more reflective and rich than the cultured marble and onyx you're used to buying and selling.  When you remodel with RADIANCE™ you'll escape being in a price war with the same "me too" products everyone else has been pushing for far too long.



When your customers see the physical samples they will be inspired, but you still need to make them confident enough to purchase. That means proving your work is going to look great in their bathroom, showing why your materials are uniquely better than the big box stores, and answering many questions.  If you don't have an easy to follow sales system at the ready, this process can be quite a hardship.

Shown: A screen from our Digital Sales Walkthrough - a customer makes their choice of vanity bowl.

We've streamlined all these things with our Digital Sales Tool.

The one and only sales tool you need to close deals. 

Your sales person will use it to walk your customer through a 3-step visual tour that is designed to make them confident in your remodels so you can cement a deal in the shortest time possible.

We Simply Offer Better!

We have sold to bathroom specialty stores all across the country for years, and passionately believe in offering quality materials and service.  We regularly go through tests and inspections from IAPMO (for Universal Plumbing Code Compliance), and pass them with flying colors. We have multiple signature installation benefits, pending patents, and methods and designs that stand apart from the rest. Read on, through each of the following 4 product pages and see how each of them can play to your advantage.


Our flagship creation, RADIANCE™ showers are the result of a decade of tweaks and upgrades to existing market colors that sell.  The outcome is a brand new deeper and reflective color range that hands-down beats anything gelcoated you're probably selling right now (cultured marble and onyx, granite looking polymers, etc.).  You have to hold the samples in your hand to really appreciate the depth and sparkle - it far suprasses what you're used to... Still pictures really don't do justice.


The showers are then two-toned with solid color solid surface (like Corian®) shelves, thresholds, seats, benches, knee wall caps, and more.  These items are uniquely durable and with a little TLC can be kept in like-new condition for life (we'll show you video of how anyone can restore these surfaces from "burnt and stained" to almost "like-new" with only a minute or two of elbow grease).


Optionally, you'll finish off a RADIANCE™ shower with one of our ready-to-go pretiled mosaic glass strips (takes as little as 20 minutes to install, ships pregrouted!  Patent-Pending).  Mesmerizing beauty! Customers WILL close.


Most shower bases are about function, and don't really do much to boost the uniqueness or beauty of your jobs - you look just like your competitor.  However, our base will make your entire shower look better and more modern.  This is because they are not pulled out of a one-piece mold like most "plastic parts" and other brands of shower bases you've used, but they are hand-made using better, smarter materials with design advantages - at a similar price!

  • Almost any size or drain placement.  No special fee for this!

  • Easily avoid jobsite surprises - you can actually resize this base on the job - making this arguably the most flexible installation in the industry.  How?  Read on!

  • MUCH lighter weight than cultured marble and onxy. 

  • Your shower walls will always go from ceiling to floor - there is no "flange" around the shower base perimeter (it's hidden behind the wall -  totally impervious to water leaks - UPC Certified), giving the showers a crisp modern look.

  • You're not going to find better slip resistance (still cleans easy!)  Your aging customers will love it!


It's sad how often customers buy a beautiful shower from professional small businesses like yours, then drive to the nearest home center for a cheap out-of-the-box vanity top.  Where's the coordination and the class?  Our vanity tops are not an afterthought, and the home owner will very likely add one to the list of things they buy from you. 


This is because our rich and reflective color palette makes a strong enough statement in the shower, that buying a vanity top in boring cultured marble with little speckles usually won't sit right with the design theme. 


All our bowls are Kohler®, which is what your customers will expect in a dreamy remodel.  Our signature edge treatment is included on all vanity tops. 


Often copied but never cloned, the New Age Surfaces shower seats and benches are extremely durable and renewable 1" thick solid surface that coordinates well with our ultra-clean two-tone look you see in all our shower photos. 


  • Much better than acrylic knockoffs at a very similar price.

  • Excellent stand-alone upgrade for other kinds of wall material, especially acrylic.

  • Your customers won't feel slippery plastic, cheap tile, or cold stone against their rears!

  • Knock on it, it's solid!  Will last for ages.  Renewable matte finish solid surface material perfectly compliments our showers.

Power Up Your Business Today!
No Management Hassles. Acclimate Your Entire Team With Ease.

Let us equip you and your sales team with our digital tour (laptop and tablet ready),

the perfect in-home sales presentation that makes showing and closing leads methodical and "turn-key".  It almost sells itself, you're just there to hold the homeowner's hand through the process.

Get your personal webinar tour of all our samples and sales tools and

prove that we're right for your business.

Thanks! Message sent.

Hurry! At this time, only a limited number of stores may be allowed per region.  Get in while you can!

Upgrade Your Business Model Today

By offering more to your customers you open a new door of possibilities to help your business capture the success you deserve. You will find it far more gratifying to be moving a beautiful, more up to date remodel that brings a long chain of compliments and leaves a stronger, lasting impression. Presenting with the best sales tools makes your image stronger, cleaner and established, and it's hard to argue otherwise.


New Age Surfaces will give you the best chance at referrals and repeat business while pulling you away from price wars with the same "me too" products your competitor down the street has. Once again, we will send out your package in the upcoming days and a specialist on our team will reach out to you. So take that next step, and we hope to speak with you soon!!!

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