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All Shower Bases Are NOT Created Equal...

The modern and original design of this shower base will give your remodels a flawless “crisp-clean” look.  It will become central to the quality of your finished jobs, and will help you build the security and reputation your business deserves. Make your showers look absolutely fantastic with ANY walls - tile, acrylic, you name it!  Let us walk you through each tangible advantage you can put to use in your remodels, then scroll down to view a gallery of example showers below.

"I love your shower bases." - Jeff Kincaid, Former Luxury Bath Systems Installer & Trainer

1)  Stop jobsite headaches BEFORE they happen.

Yes, you can actually cut this shower base on-the-fly and reassemble in a breeze!  Your installer will have total on-the-jobsite control over the size and shape - and yes, you will meet IAPMO Universal Plumbing Code.  It's the only UPC approved base in the US and Canada approved for assembly after cutting.   On-the-jobsite customization with no leaks means you can stop nightmare jobs before they start.

That means almost no matter what the jobsite throws at you, you can cut and secure your shower base with tried and true solid surface bonding techniques in minutes - problem solved.

We get regular calls from fearful remodeling businesses around the country with a torn up bathroom and a shower floor they can't use – and a fuming mad homeowner. We respond by rush shipping this custom shower base with some of the best turn times in the industry, perfect for emergency situations. 

These floors are custom made to almost any size or shape, with the drain practically anywhere you want!

We make your showers more beautiful with walls that go right to the floor every time - get rid of the "tray look" with flanges around the perimeter. Above you see a shower wall cutaway with Durock® resting atop a hidden water flange.  These flanges go behind the wall giving your shower a tighter modern look.

Watch the install video and learn how you can OPTIONALLY  cut your bases on site as the situation arises.  Of course you can order them to size exactly, or an extra few inches around the perimeter as a just-in-case, or however you like!

2) Your customers can easily keep this base in like-new condition for life!

Even if challenged by some of the most disgusting and neglectful conditions with horrendous staining!


This floor was outrageously stained with ketchup, mustard, and ground-in soil then left to dry over days. In a few minutes it was cleaned it to this condition! A durable beautiful single-page Care Guide is included for each of your customers to keep, and will show them how to get bulletproof results like this, should heaven forbid they need it. Your customers should never nickle-and-dime your valuable time with simple questions about cleaning or care again!

What an embarrassment.

So many shower bases lack the ability to clean easily, and if you haven't thoroughly addressed this in your own remodels, you could be leaving potential repeat customers with buyer's remorse. And while we all love beautiful tile done right, grout can be a real pain. The New Age Surfaces shower base cleans reliably and is one of the surest ways to withstand homeowner neglect.

3) Appeal to the industry's fastest growing and most profitable segment - the aging market.
Confidently tell your aging customers:
"You're not going to find a more slip resistant shower floor than this"

The most important feature of your shower remodels isn't lead time, beauty, or even price... it's safety. The slip resistance of this shower base is unequivocally superior to acrylic or tile alternatives, and almost all other options as well.  You're not going to find a more slip resistant base than this, and the yet the feel of the material against your feet is immediately recognized as a quality, uncompromising surface.

Shiny, soapy, and slippery plastic will never give great traction. Soapy tile? Even worse!

Premium slip resistance!  Try it today!


Don't even think about comparing this shower base texture to those gritty anti-slip mats and sprays. Your customer will appreciate the true professional grade feel when they take their first step inside!

Many of your prospects, especially in the aging market, already believe the most important feature of a shower floor is safety, where slips and falls are distressingly common.  Our super heavy duty grade material can keep your customers surefooted, providing traction they just won't get with almost any other shower floor, all with a comfortable and simple to clean surface texture.

When you drive off from the jobsite we want you to shake the customers hand and look them in the eyes, both parties confident you did a world-class job that is safe, clean, beautiful, and will last for ages.

Call up our service team, who will help you specify exactly what you need to succeed on your next shower install. They'll address any remaining curiosities you may have, can put samples in your hands, and set you on the right path in minutes.

Thousands have been sold nationwide!
These bases are fit for even the finest luxury homes!
Browse This Gallery Of Example Shower Base Installations
There Are 2 Ways To Get Samples:
Shower Floor Care Guide

A single page durable care guide is included with each job so your customer remembers the quality of your jobs, can present it to friends, and understands the easiest cleaning methods that take advantage of the renewability described above. You should not be hassled with time consuming calls for cleaning questions by previous customers.

Shower Base Brochure (click to enlarge)

You won't need brochures when you use our much improved digital sales presentation - the only tool (aside from physical samples themselves) you'll need to make a sale from beginning to end. This simple and convincing flyer will differentiate our shower floor from the other options and will set you up for an easy sale.  But for those who insist on including paper brochures, we can supply you with these professional glossy brochures at your request:

3D Installation Video

Adding this base to your offering is not a big undertaking - there's no special education required. Familiarize your installers with this simple installation process using our short 3D video walkthrough. A paper version is available in every box.

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