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 Put Your Remodels In A League Of Their Own With Stunning New Colors & Designs 

Our flagship creation, RADIANCE™ showers are the result of a decade of tweaks and upgrades to existing market colors that sell.  The outcome is a brand new deeper and reflective color range that hands-down beats anything gelcoated you're probably selling right now (cultured marble and onyx, granite looking polymers, etc.).  You have to hold the samples in your hand to really appreciate the depth and sparkle - it far suprasses what you're used to - and still pictures really don't do justice.

Pre-Tiled Glass Mosaic Strips! 

 This optional upgrade is the perfect compliment for RADIANCE™.  Compared to normal tile work, you can install this in your sleep!  You do absolutely no grouting or tile placement! The whole thing ships on a premade sheet for easy install with normal tools!

Everyone agrees: our pre-fabricated mosaic tile strips look absolutely stunning!  We've not yet received a mediocre response.  This patent pending strip features a polymer-based stain and moisture resistant grout.  They are also made with real 3/8" thick  glass and stone, with metallic or iridescent accents that are deeper, richer and unmistakably superior to faux tiles  and many other tile options you're used to seeing.


Each RADIANCE™ color we offer was specifically designed to color coordinate with an accompanying accent mosaic tile.  Truly meant to fit together, hand in glove! Take this setup to your next home show and you'll be a rock star, the reactions will be loud and numerous.


  • Each RADIANCE™ color has a predetermined tile strip color - you do no guesswork or designing to figure out which is best.  There is only one choice - the right one - and we've made it for you.  We want your remodels to be the best out there, but we also want your pitch to be very simple so your sales team have easy lives and so your customers don't drag their feet with bloated unnecessary options that aren't helping them anyway.

  • Installation time: 20 minutes for a vertical tile strip, and 45 minutes for 3 horizontal strips would be considered reasonable labor times.  

  • Available in horizontal strips (6" wide) or vertical (12" wide).  Place anywhere in the shower you like.

  • Vanity tops may also optionally feature tile strips as back and side splashes to coordinate with shower tile.

We Put A Patent On Amazing
View Tile Strips with RADIANCE™ Below
The Best Of Both Worlds

RADIANCE™ colors are for shower walls, vanity tops, and flat pieces only.  Coordinating items like shower floors, seats, shelves, thresholds, and more are made of a contrasting solid color matte finish renewable product commonly called "solid surface" (common brands are Corian, Staron, LG Hi-Macs, etc.).  This combination is a signature feature of New Age Surfaces. We do this for a few reasons:​

  • Solid surface is much more scratch-resistant and durable than cultured marble and onyx.  It's a renewable product.

  • We think you'll find solid surface products have a greater perception of quality by most people.  For example, if you sit down on two different shower seats, one from a cultured marble/onyx mold and another from fabricated solid surface (like what we do), we think you'll say "The fabricated solid surface feels better and looks higher quality and cutting edge."

  • It creates a two-tone look that contrasts beautifully with the RADIANCE™.  If everything in the shower is the same color, it looks busy, not classy.


Bulky and outdated shelves. 

This look is popular with our competitors.

Modern and clean looking Corian shelves. 

Many of our accessories are made like this - our signature design theme.

Chromeware Accents

RADIANCE™ is about having an entire themed system for your remodeling projects.  Most businesses won't bother with nuancing small parts and accessories because it's time consuming, usually not profitable, and requires a level of imagination that most homeowner's don't care to explore.  

Our compromise to this desire of both variety and yet simplicity is our 4-piece accents which combine the usual metal components with RADIANCE™ colors to create the theme.  Each piece comes with no special custom options to befuddle the sale - the customer simply points to the menu of 4 items and says "yes" or "no".  You will not be burdened by these in your sales package - this process takes seconds and is typically done at the end of the digital sales presentation after all major selling features have been covered.​

  • All 4 Accent Pieces: Towel Bar, Towel Ring, Robe Hook, and Toilet Tissue Holder.

  • Available in Chrome.

  • Accent pieces help your finished jobs "feel" custom and fine tuned - but in a very quick streamlined fashioned that does not include the normal hassles of custom work.

There Are 2 Ways To Get Samples:
RADIANCE™ Showers Care Guide (click to enlarge)

A single page durable care guide is included with each job so your customer remembers the quality of your jobs, can present it to friends, and understands the easiest cleaning methods that take advantage of the renewability. You should not be hassled with time consuming calls for cleaning questions by concerned customers.

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