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Finally, Shower Seats With Style...

This original design can become your go-to option for fast-installing, cost-saving, beautiful seats.  Please take a moment to invest in your business and let us show you what you gain by switching to New Age Surfaces shower seats.  Crafted from thick high-quality solid surface used in expensive luxurious kitchen countertops, our handmade seats and benches are undeniably more modernized than most other seating options. 

Side note: Some of the seat pictures you see on the right photo strip are shown in our RADIANCE™ showers, a first of it's kind material.  Do your business a favor and check out RADIANCE™ while you have the chance.

1) Our seats do NOT look institutional or like a handicap accessory.

Ours delivers an upscale vibe that will be welcome in your customers shower. You don't have to offer your customers bloated plastic seats. These are sturdy and comfortable, and your customers bottom will not be greeted by grouted tiles, cold stone, or cheap plastic.

2) Get the job done easier, with less expense, and a more spacious shower.

Compared to tedious build-out benches the old fashioned way (shown below), this "express" install will definitely save you labor and probably material costs.  It is arguably the most hassle-free seat you're going to find.

Shown Above: There's nothing wrong with doing it this way, but our shower seat is certainly faster and easier and will make the shower be perceived as more spacious.

3) Utra-durability that will probably outlast anything else in your customers bathroom.

These seats are easily kept in like-new condition with normal household cleaners, and a beautiful one-page care guide included with every job shows your customer exactly what to do (hardly anything!). Natural stone, tiles, cultured marble, and others just don't compare.

Build-Out Benches

Of course, you can still do beautiful build out benches the old-school way!  Simply clad any of our material around the frame you built and you're set.  However, only white, biscuit, and almond material in a matte finish is renewable to "like-new" condition with a Scotch-Brite® pad.

These seats are a favorite of many businesses and are used in the finest luxury homes! 
Thousands have been sold nationwide - Built like a tank and backed by our 10 Year Guarantee!
Call us and get your first seat at a discount.
Shower Seat Care Guide (click to enlarge)

A single page durable care guide is included with each job so your customer remembers the quality of your jobs, can present it to friends, and understands the easiest cleaning methods that take advantage of the renewability. You should not be hassled with time consuming calls for cleaning questions by concerned customers.

Shower Seat Brochure (click to enlarge)

You won't need brochures when you use our much improved digital sales presentation - the only tool (aside from physical samples themselves) you'll need to make a sale from beginning to end.  For those who insist on including paper brochures, we can supply you with these professional glossy brochures at your request:

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